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03 October 2008 @ 09:28 pm
New resources community for Supernatural vidders  

Introducing spn_sceneit - your ultimate Supernatural
vidding resource! =D

We hope that spn_sceneit will provide a wide range of
resources for all your Supernatural vidding needs - so what are you
waiting for! Go check out the welcome
to see what's on offer - and feel free to leave a
of what else you'd like to see made available =)

This Supernatural vidding resource is open to one and all, so feel
free to browse or lurk as almost all posts are open to everybody.
However... all good hunters keep their best stuff hidden and to gain
access to the full arsenal we keep in the LOCKED
you'll need to join the club ;)

Please take a minute to read through the rules and guidelines - there's
hardly any right now so it won't take you long - and just poke one of the
mods if you need to ask us anything =)

Okay, pimp over. Go forth and hunt! =D