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Meet the Winchester boys, Dean and Sam...they chase those things that go *bump* in the night. You want them on your side. Trust me.
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Hi everyone, this is mnallison02. As my created video collection grew, as well as my request list, I decided to create an LJ Community to help keep track of all of my videos as well as see what you have to offer.

I want this to be a community where fans of the show Supernatural can come and show their videos to the world or just come to see what other people have to offer. I really only have a few rules to make sure everyone has a good time. We'll call them guidelines, it sounds a little less harsh.


1. This is a video community, so can you please keep all posts relating to videos. You can post your videos, request videos, or even ask questions. Just make sure they somehow relate to Supernatural videos.

2. DO NOT STEAL. If you need a clip for your video, ask for it rather than just taking it. I have found myself in a few situations where I have noticed some of my work as appeared in other peoples videos and it really it not a good feeling. If you need a certain clip or song, let me know. I would be more than happy to try and get it for you rather than you taking someone elses and claiming it as your own. If you see any suspected clip theft, please let one of the moderators know so we can deal with it.

3. If your video contains spoilers please tell everyone. It's considered a spoiler if a new episode is less than a week old. If your video summary contains spoilers please put it behind the cut, not everyone wants to be spoiled.

4. I love to hear what you think about my videos and I'm sure everyone else who posts a video in this fandom loves a little constructive criticism. But please keep it respectful, don't post any hateful or nasty comments. If any we see any comments like that, you will be banned from this community. If you see someone leaving disrespectful comments please let me or watchersprout know immedetly.

5. Can you please describe your video? I would like to know what I'm about to watch.

Song Title/Vid Title:

I think that should do it. There are no stupid questions so if you have any, please don't hesitate to ask. If you have any questions you can post it here, leave a comment at my journal, or e-mail me at mnallison02@yahoo.com


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